Mama’s Cooking

Mama15    This is my Mama and me on Memorial Day 2015 in Sunny Sanford Florida. She is a trooper. And let me tell you she is THE best cook in the world…according to my standards and the rest of her family!

One day early this summer, I visited her at her home in rural south Georgia. She had a real treat waiting for me! Knowing how much we both share the same love for her style of Southern cooking, she had some of the fabulous food on hand that she has prepared for our family for many years.

Just as an example of this…Last year she had fallen ill (short term! Thank you Lord!) My older sister had been with her from the beginning.  When I came up to stay with her for a few days, I asked her what she wanted for lunch.  She was finally feeling much better. (Thank you Gin!) Mama wanted her homemade pound cake! And not surprisingly, she had all of the ingredients on hand. I followed her directions and we had pound cake for lunch.  It was delicious!!!

Back to the treat she had for me…

Mama making Hoecake cornbread       Mama12

Mama in her kitchen making Hoecake Cornbread.  Yummm…crispy edges!

(in the background, a gardenia she is rooting in the red solo cup)


So after cooking up our lunch, the finished product was, of course, the best food on the planet. Homemade meatloaf, Uncle Bud’s squash, a pear salad, Vidalia onions, and of course, ketchup! She makes it look so easy.



About to leave…


Nothing much better except for the time I spent with my Mama! That is one of her dogs, Gipsy with us.

(another post about her dogs later…)



Mama waving goodbye just like her mama always did.