A Little Mishap



I will be sixty years old in July.  I have always tried to remain positive, encouraging and healthy.

I got both my husband and myself fitbits to help us track our progress for eating healthy and steps taken! It has been a wonderful thing for both of us.

On Sunday. I experienced a setback.  I was trying to get my 250 steps in the one hour time frame and was moving a little too fast around the house. Okay, actually I was trying to pass my husband. (we are both very competitive)

I slipped and fell chin and left shoulder into his office desk which is solid wood and usually takes two men to move.  I moved it and broke a picture frame in the process.

I, of course, hopped up and said I was fine. Stunned, but fine. As soon as he saw me, he let me know that I needed stitches right away. So several hours later, with a cat scan, Xrays, and my chin stitched up, we returned home.  Chris took my fitbit off and I went to bed with my pain medication.

It has been two days and I am still stunned and I do look like I was hit by a train. I have tried to remain optimistic, but sometimes find myself entertaining a pity party.

I haven’t gotten my miles or steps in the last two days, but I am wearing my fitbit as I write this.

I am not giving up. It may take a few more days, possibly a week, but I will be back at it. Tracking my calories and my steps.

The most important thing I have taken away from this is simple. Be thankful. I am thankful to God that I am alive. Thankful that I didn’t bust my teeth out or lose an eye. Thankful that in a little while, I will be able to walk for exercise and anytime I want.

It has really made me more mindful of the steps that I do take and more mindful of simple things.

It has made me think of the many sick, hurt and oppressed people out there that do not have the resources to seek help.

I think I will leave it there.

Just be thankful.








Mama’s Cooking

Mama15    This is my Mama and me on Memorial Day 2015 in Sunny Sanford Florida. She is a trooper. And let me tell you she is THE best cook in the world…according to my standards and the rest of her family!

One day early this summer, I visited her at her home in rural south Georgia. She had a real treat waiting for me! Knowing how much we both share the same love for her style of Southern cooking, she had some of the fabulous food on hand that she has prepared for our family for many years.

Just as an example of this…Last year she had fallen ill (short term! Thank you Lord!) My older sister had been with her from the beginning.  When I came up to stay with her for a few days, I asked her what she wanted for lunch.  She was finally feeling much better. (Thank you Gin!) Mama wanted her homemade pound cake! And not surprisingly, she had all of the ingredients on hand. I followed her directions and we had pound cake for lunch.  It was delicious!!!

Back to the treat she had for me…

Mama making Hoecake cornbread       Mama12

Mama in her kitchen making Hoecake Cornbread.  Yummm…crispy edges!

(in the background, a gardenia she is rooting in the red solo cup)


So after cooking up our lunch, the finished product was, of course, the best food on the planet. Homemade meatloaf, Uncle Bud’s squash, a pear salad, Vidalia onions, and of course, ketchup! She makes it look so easy.



About to leave…


Nothing much better except for the time I spent with my Mama! That is one of her dogs, Gipsy with us.

(another post about her dogs later…)



Mama waving goodbye just like her mama always did.


Blue Spring State Park

     So, on the last Saturday in January,  Chris and I got all of our children and 2 granddaughters together and met up at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida to see the Manatees and have a picnic.  It was an incredibly beautiful day. The water was so clear. There were 284 manatees reported on that day.                                                       0201151433

    Everyone enjoyed being together and being outside in such a beautiful park.  I have been snapping pictures of my three children here since the ’90’s.  Today I got a group shot of our expanded family in the burnt out tree.


Here is our oldest granddaughter up in a different tree.


Just wanted to share a fun day in old Florida.  Hope you get a chance to visit!

0201151545 (2)

South Beach Miami: Part Two

The last picture that I posted of South Beach was this sunny beach on Saturday morning where we spent most of the day in that beautiful, clear blue water.



Saturday evening we had reservations at Scott Conant’s fabulous restaurant, Scarpetta.  Every morsel was delicious. I am not a food critic, but anytime you see a restaurant on my blog, I can tell you it is one of our favorites.  

scarp sign             Great view!0816141947   0816141947a




We woke up on Sunday morning to another glorious day. It was time to go back home. Not!  We couldn’t resist the temptation of that beautiful water lulling us into one more day of bliss.(Just one more advantage of being Empty Nesters)

Not being familiar with South Beach and needing another great dining experience, we remembered an enchanting locked entryway of a restaurant in the block next to The Tides. We called and made reservations for Sunday evening. Wow! We were in for a real treat.

Have you ever heard of Il Sole? How about Villa by Barton G? Okay…Versace??????

I will post my pictures, but do yourself a favor and visit thevillabybartong.com


door                              is entry                             cy



We had a glass of wine in the bar while we waited. It was truly like being in the bar of a private home, which it once was. 





      The bartender recommended that we dine out by the pool.  Great advice!





The ambience was extraordinary!


The food…well, a picture is worth a thousand words…

0817141954 0817141954a 0817142011a entre

Thank you South Beach Miami, The Tides, Smith and Wollensky, Scott Conant’s  Scarpetta and Il Sole for a fabulous getaway!  We will be back!

Fall in Florida


Finally…alfresco in Florida again!

Fall finally acknowledged Florida with a slight nod this week with cooler temperatures and low humidity.  My husband and I ate outside for lunch today and celebrated with a glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. It was marvelous!

Chris grilled us some nice beef loin steaks accompanied with Fresh Market’s ‘Anything Goes’ sauce. 

I oven roasted vegetables from Fresh Market and served with white sauce.

We opened up the house and he played us some Vivaldi while we dined. Once again, it was marvelous!

South Beach Miami: Part One

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a weekend trip to South Beach Miami. We had been getting quite a bit of rain, and missing our quick, once a week day trips to Ormond Beach, we decided to chase the sun a little further south.

What we found when we arrived in South Beach Miami was this….

0815141554 (3)

Yes, this is a flooded street. 😦

We were feeling a little depressed until we arrived at our Luxury Hotel, The Tides

0816141545a (2)

The Tides, South Beach Miami (photo actually taken the next day when it wasn’t raining!)

Things got a lot better when they upgraded us to this beautiful suite…


0815141645 (1)

0815141646                          0815141639a         0815141646c       This was the view from our suite as we were getting ready for our nice dinner out…0815141640b

Feeling like a couple of wet ducks, we were happy to have a wonderful dining experience at Smith and Wollensky. The food was delicious as usual and we actually got to see a couple of cruise ships glide past our window coming in to port.

                              0815141950 (1) timthumb    


Yes, This is Florida Sunshine and beautiful South Beach Miami!

I am very happy to say  that this is what we woke up to on Saturday morning…

To be continued…

Sunday Family Lunch

IMG_1969So yesterday we had all of our children and grandchildren over for Sunday lunch.  I wanted to have a feast; yet a simple feast so that I would not be in the kitchen the entire time that they were here. (Thanks Ina Garten for entertaining tips…keep it simple!) 

It was another rainy day in Sunny Florida, so I wanted it to be comfort food.  Thanks to Pier 1, I had recently purchased two sets of beautiful, colorful, Pasta serving dishes and dinnerware. That was my inspiration.

I made a traditional bolognese meat sauce with penne pasta and another penne pasta dish starring spicy sausage and vegetables in a warm broth. 

My family loves me dearly and would never hurt my feelings, so I judge the success of the meal  by how many servings they have and general comments, not directed at me.  It was a huge success!

Because I had kept it simple for myself and enlisted all of the generous help that was offered, the atmosphere was festive and exciting.

My Tips:

I cooked the sausage in the Crockpot the night before.

Morning of, I made both sauses and let them simmer in their own Crockpot.

I also assembled two salads (looks complicated,…not)  I opened two bags of butter lettuce, sliced and added tomatoes and cucumbers. ( I have recently made salads on platters instead of bowls, layering each item…looks elegant) 

I then sliced buffalo mozzarella,sliced tomato and added basil for a classic caprese salad ( I put the balsamic glaze on the table in a beautiful dispenser)

I had bought Italain bread the day before so that it would be fresh and need no toasting, to dip into the beautiful dipping bowls (thanks again Pier 1) with choice of Bread Dip Seasonings from FOODS, INC

My grandaughter ,with supervision from her mother, made pumpkin cookies so with a little vanilla ice cream made a festive fall finish!

I hope that this inspires you to have family and friends over for a festive home cooked meal. (Just keep it simple and enjoy!)