A Little Mishap



I will be sixty years old in July.  I have always tried to remain positive, encouraging and healthy.

I got both my husband and myself fitbits to help us track our progress for eating healthy and steps taken! It has been a wonderful thing for both of us.

On Sunday. I experienced a setback.  I was trying to get my 250 steps in the one hour time frame and was moving a little too fast around the house. Okay, actually I was trying to pass my husband. (we are both very competitive)

I slipped and fell chin and left shoulder into his office desk which is solid wood and usually takes two men to move.  I moved it and broke a picture frame in the process.

I, of course, hopped up and said I was fine. Stunned, but fine. As soon as he saw me, he let me know that I needed stitches right away. So several hours later, with a cat scan, Xrays, and my chin stitched up, we returned home.  Chris took my fitbit off and I went to bed with my pain medication.

It has been two days and I am still stunned and I do look like I was hit by a train. I have tried to remain optimistic, but sometimes find myself entertaining a pity party.

I haven’t gotten my miles or steps in the last two days, but I am wearing my fitbit as I write this.

I am not giving up. It may take a few more days, possibly a week, but I will be back at it. Tracking my calories and my steps.

The most important thing I have taken away from this is simple. Be thankful. I am thankful to God that I am alive. Thankful that I didn’t bust my teeth out or lose an eye. Thankful that in a little while, I will be able to walk for exercise and anytime I want.

It has really made me more mindful of the steps that I do take and more mindful of simple things.

It has made me think of the many sick, hurt and oppressed people out there that do not have the resources to seek help.

I think I will leave it there.

Just be thankful.