North Carolina Mountains

Well, It is October again and you know that most of us Floridians head to the mountains! My husband and I got married on November 28th, 1980 and spent our honeymoon in Banner Elk, NC.  And thus began not only our love affair, but one with the beautiful mountains of North Carolina…



Grandfather Mountain '80'sOne of our favorite places to visit is Grandfather Mountain. We have been taking our children to those beautiful mountains for years and have even owned a couple of mountain homes, thinking that if we had our own place up there, we would spend more time up there. Wrong and wrong again. Life usually gets in the way of a family with three children involved in EVERYTHING.



A pic of the fam playing golf on Seven Devils in the ’90’s, minus Mom, of course, taking the pic.

After five years of being away, we will return this year, with the addition of our sweet mother and our two beautiful granddaughters!

Thanks for reading. Pictures to follow of the return trip.


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